[Ubuntu] Server版用USB安裝 – Error reading release file from CD-ROM


使用USB燒錄Ubuntu Server映像檔,安裝過程中因找不到CD-ROM而報錯:

[!!] Detect and mount CD-Rom
Error reading Release file
The CD-Rom does not seem to contain a valid 'Release' file, orthat file could not be read correctly.

You may try to repeat CD-Rom detection but, even if it does succeed the second time, you may experience problems later in the installation.



  1. Alt+F2 進入Terminal。

  2. 將USB Device掛載到/cdrom

    mount -t vfat /dev/[USB] /cdrom
  3. Alt+F1 離開Terminal,繼續安裝。


在Terminal下查詢Devices & Partitions的指令:

cat /proc/partitions

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